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AAMA / ASTM Window Testing

Weller Infrared Services has been tested by  The American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA) and been awarded the prestigious Fenestration Master Certification.  We provide window and door field testing for Architects, Building Consultants, Engineers, and Owners.  The AAMA / ASTM test methods that we use to test windows and doors are:

AAMA 502: Voluntary Specification for Field Testing of Newly Installed Fenestration Products

ASTM Referenced Documents

  • ASTM E783, "Standard test method for field management of air leakage through installed exterior windows and doors."
  • ASTM E1105, "Test method for field determination of water penetration of installed exterior windows, skylights, doors and curtain walls by uniform or cyclic static air pressure difference."

AAMA 503: Voluntary Specification for field testing of newly installed storefronts, curtain walls, and sloped glazing systems

AAMA 503 is a similar document to AAMA 502 but used for testing newly installed storefronts, curtain walls, and sloped glazing systems. Usually testing a small area of the curtain wall will keep costs down and provide the results needed.

  • Only AAMA 502 is for operable windows and doors
  • We do not test for structural performance

When Should Field Testing Be Performed?

  • By performing testing as soon as is practical can be beneficial.  AAMA 503 defined “newly” installed as before issuance of the occupancy permit not to exceed six months after issuance of the occupancy permit.
  • Test windows before finishes are applied around the opening.

AAMA 511 Forensic Investigation - Voluntary Guideline for Forensic Water Penetration Testing of Fenestration Products

ASTM Referenced Documents

  • ASTM E2128, “Standard Guide for Evaluating Water Leakage of Building Walls.”

The Standard describes methods for determining and evaluating water leakage of exterior walls.  The purpose of this test is to recreate water leak issues that have occurred, and as a follow-up test after water leakage is found during an AAMA 502 & 503 test.  Unfortunately, some testing companies begin a window leak investigation with water testing as the first step that could cause additional water leakage.  Weller Infrared Services uses a 7 Step testing method. We do not begin water testing until the 5th step.  Give us a call to discuss how we can help you with your window evaluation and testing.





We have the Training

Our system of nondestructive testing requires both skill and knowledge to accurately interpret the information gathered. Many companies will purchase a thermal imaging camera but fail to invest in the necessary training. Thermal imaging is not a "point and shoot" technology. Weller Infrared Services has been trained and has received a Level 3 certification from the Infraspection Institute. Our training is in accordance with ASNT Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A Personnel Qualification and Certification in Nondestructive Testing, 2011 Edition.


  • Level 3 Certified Infrared Thermographer #8339 Infraspection Institute
  • Building Science Thermographer #30937 FLIR Systems
  • Florida Certified Building Contractor
  • Florida Certified Roofing Contractor
  • AAMA Certified Fenestration Master
  • Member American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)
  • Building Performance Institute  (BPI) Certified Blower Door and Duct Tester

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